Valentinstag bonanza!!

In preparation for my upcoming Valentine’s Day theme show this Sunday, I have started compiling a playlist of the best and most beautiful German love songs ever to grace human ears! At the end of this hour, not even the most tone-deaf, monolingual xenophobe in East Jesus Nowhere, Amurrka would dare to assert that German music is anything other than sublimely lovely. :]

The playlist is a secret for now, but I have also ordered some custom bumper stickers to give away on-air during the show. Check it out and tune in to win one! 11 PM Pacific time, Sunday Feb. 12.

No revenue will be obtained from the manufacture and distribution of these stickers. These are produced solely for the enjoyment of listeners. The design of the “I Love You But I’ve Chosen” text is trademarked to the Chosen Disco imprint. If you find yourself in Berlin, check out their awesome parties at Puro nightclub!

Also – a quick update from this past week’s show. I found some gorgeous material from artists I wasn’t previously familiar with, just by cross-surfing the iTunes recommendations after buying songs. US iTunes has really expanded the amount of German material they offer in the past few years, it’s awesome. Playlist:

And this week’s cover version of our theme song, Tokio Hotel “Monsoon,” performed by a fan with a lovely voice and a guitar! Check it out.


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