I Love My Thesis, But I’ve Chosen Disco.

Another excellent reason to be a German Studies major: you get to write your thesis on awesome topics like popular music through the lens of German national identity! No, seriously. Along with many, many textbooks, I’m analyzing song lyrics from a range of eras, including the recent rap hit “Das alles ist Deutschland,” from Fler … Continue reading

Spring radio season begins

David Bowie - Helden / Heroes

Last night’s show kicked off the spring radio season—it’s great to be back in the studio! Here’s the playlist: “Helden,” the German version of David Bowie “Heroes,” is a real trip to hear. Of course, Bowie spent time in the 70s living in Berlin, in an apartment in Schöneberg with Iggy Pop! What a wild … Continue reading

Winter in Berlin Mixtape

Hallo zusammen! After a relaxing winter break, I’m back at Whitman and preparing to fire up the show again. We’ll be returning to the same time slot—Sunday nights from 11 p.m. to midnight, Pacific time! I had a lovely Silvester celebration with friends from my year in Berlin—we reunited in Chicago for a few days … Continue reading