Ladies Night!

Midnight Monsoon Ladies Night

This past Sunday, I decided to mix things up a little bit with another theme show! I’ve done all-female shows in the past, and I think it’s always a fun way to showcase some of the amazingly beautiful vocals of Germany’s songstresses. Playlist: Got tracks in from female-fronted rock and pop bands like Juli, Klee … Continue reading

Lass die Liebe regieren!

Love is Love

Alles Gute zum Valentinstag, liebe listeners! I enjoyed my Valentine’s theme show this past Sunday – what could be better than chilling in the studio for an hour playing gorgeous German songs about love? Here’s the playlist: Of these, I’ve been utterly enchanted with “Weil Liebe dort beginnt” lately. There’s something so disarming about the … Continue reading

Valentinstag bonanza!!

In preparation for my upcoming Valentine’s Day theme show this Sunday, I have started compiling a playlist of the best and most beautiful German love songs ever to grace human ears! At the end of this hour, not even the most tone-deaf, monolingual xenophobe in East Jesus Nowhere, Amurrka would dare to assert that German … Continue reading