Ladies Night!

This past Sunday, I decided to mix things up a little bit with another theme show! I’ve done all-female shows in the past, and I think it’s always a fun way to showcase some of the amazingly beautiful vocals of Germany’s songstresses. Playlist:

Got tracks in from female-fronted rock and pop bands like Juli, Klee and many others. I was super stoked to play some new material from Silbermond—they’ve released the first single, the title track off their upcoming album Himmel auf. Fantastic song and the B-side, “Gehst du mit mir,” is also great! The single is available for download on Mediamarkt—the rest of the album drops on March 23!

Also releasing on March 23: a new single from Die Toten Hosen! The tracklisting for the single is as follows, according to DTH’s website:

1. Tage wie diese
2. Champions League
3. Du fehlst
4. Was macht Berlin?

They’ll be releasing the full album on May 4! Very excited, their last full album, In aller Stille, is one of my favorite albums of all time, just a really solid collection of incredible songs.

Until next week! LG


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