Concert Backlog II – Die Toten Hosen in Breslau

October 10, 2010 – Die Toten Hosen. Die Toten Hosen are definitely one of my top five favorite bands. They’re like the German Green Day – epic, timeless punk rockers who have been around forever and will probably keep being around forever. Nonetheless, as they rarely tour far from Germany, my own chances to see … Continue reading

Concert Backlog I – Silbermond in Kamenz

September 18, 2010 – Silbermond. The Silbermond show in Kamenz, in retrospect, had so much potential for disaster, and yet somehow everything went off with insane perfection. I arrived at the train station of this tiny, boring German town after nightfall. I called the local taxi service. Their one taxi was somewhere outside the city … Continue reading

Updates – Backlogged Concerts

Hello all, In the next few entries I’ll be posting a backlog of concert experiences from the past few months in Germany. These have been haphazardly posted around Facebook and various music forums, but I thought it would be nice to concentrate the content here and just have everything in one place. Cheers 🙂

Tokio Hotel – Tokyo Showcase

December 15, 2010. Oh god. It might seem like I start a lot of band encounter reviews with “oh god,” but that’s because these things are the closest to religious catharsis that I ever manage to come. I am so messed up right now. The showcase, well, I will struggle to describe it in the … Continue reading

Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – Embassy

December 13, 2010. Oh god. I really need to say this – always take chances. It has never let me down. I didn’t really believe the lookalike contest would get me into the showcase, and I didn’t really believe going to stand in front of an embassy in the rain would accomplish anything either. But … Continue reading

Updates – Tokio Hotel in Tokyo

December 21, 2010. I’m back in Berlin and exhilarated after my trip to Tokyo to see Tokio Hotel’s first performance in the city. I’m a bit behind on updating the blog, but I’ll be posting now my reviews from the embassy (December 13) and the showcase (December 15) that have been previously posted elsewhere. Cheers … Continue reading