Who doesn’t love Clueso?

Let’s not kid around, I’ve got a soft spot ten million Zentimeter wide for Clueso. This quirky singer-songwriter is basically the Jason Mraz of Germany, except even more wonderfully whimsical and soulful. Which is why his collection of “MTV Eyes On” snippets never gets old. Seriously? Could there be anything better than this guy randomly … Continue reading

Lovely acoustic performance from Gisbert zu Knyphausen

I completely adore this song, and the production on this vid is so beautiful; love the black and white and the simple acoustic. I’ll be seeing him live in Berlin this December with Kettcar, which should be awesome. Gisbert zu Knyphausen, “Dreh dich nicht um.” Translation: Deep in the rings of our eyesstands everything that … Continue reading


Exciting stuff! The inaugural meeting of our Seattle Street Team went off gloriously; we passed out a ton of flyers and merch, blasted tunes, and talked to passersby and radio DJs about the music. EVENT COVERAGE: