I created my radio show, Midnight Monsoon, in January 2009, and continued the program until my graduation from college in May 2012. The show was broadcast on KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla, from the campus of Whitman College, and was devoted to German-language music and the work of German artists. I wanted to give this amazing music a chance to reach others as it had reached me. Contemporary German music first inspired me to learn the language, which ended up changing the course of my entire life.

I spent my third year of college living and studying in Berlin. There, I discovered a deep and abiding love for the language, culture and people, and especially for that magical city. While I was there, I was fortunate enough to meet and/or see in concert many of my musical idols, including Silbermond, Die Toten Hosen, Herrenmagazin, Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Leyan, Clueso, Jupiter Jones, Klee, Juli, Bushido, Peilomat and Untertagen, with a special excursion to see Tokio Hotel’s first concert in Tokyo, Japan.

This blog features tales of my various concert adventures with German artists, musings on great songs and music videos, updates and tidbits concerning the radio show itself, and other German music news. Now that I have graduated from college, I have returned to Berlin through the DAAD “internXchange” journalism and media program, and will soon be interning for the radio station Berliner Rundfunk. I am in the process of attempting to move to Berlin permanently, and will continue to update this blog with cultural happenings from the Hauptstadt.

In my time at Whitman, I also worked as Arts & Entertainment editor on my college newspaper, The Whitman Pioneer. My own writing for The Pio can be viewed here. Nomad Musik, the independent A&E portfolio I maintained during my study abroad year in Berlin, can be viewed here. I’ve also written a couple pieces for the website Third Year Abroad. I spent the summer after Berlin working as an intern at major commercial-format Seattle station 107.7 The End, where I was promptly dubbed “Klaus the German Intern.” :]

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2 Responses to “Willkommen”
  1. Kaytlin says:


    I am a highschool student learning german for 3 years now and it is my dream to study abroad in germany! I watched your video of your experiences in Berlin and read your story. first of all, i just want to say- WOW. it looks amazing there. everything i am – people, music and art. that is my life!

    I was also wondering if you had any advice on studying abroad and how to approach it. I have looked things up but i just have no idea where to begin!

    Also, Whitman is a college option for me, so if you have specifics about the program there, i’d be super greatful, and greatful for anything you have to offer! 🙂



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