Midnight Monsoon returns for Season 3

Hey Leute, DJ Nena here.

I was super stoked to get back in studio last week for the first show of the new season, and for those who didn’t catch the show, we checked out a few brand new artists just making their way onto the German music scene. Cobra Starship helped us out by doing a casting call for German opening bands over at Myspace Band Radar, where they chose the young unsigned trio One Night Stand.

We got them into the mix with their song “Für dich allein.” It’s insanely catchy – my roomie commented that it sounds like a German version of Boys Like Girls’ “Lovedrunk,” and she’s totes right. Just check out the chorus on this sweet poprock fabulousness.

In other news, I’m totally drooling over this amazingly rad Nena shirt-dress over at Deutschrock.

At 30 Euros plus whatever ungodly shipping fees, it’s not exactly the cheapest shirt ever, but… I did borrow her name for my DJ alias, maybe I can call it a business tax write-off. LOL.

Okay Leute, bleibt chill, bis Mittwoch.

Tschüß –

DJ Nena


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