Street teaming in Seattle

Every city could use a little more Tokio.

My hometown of Seattle has got you covered for coffee, plaid, and Kurt Cobain, but they haven’t quite caught on to the light shining out of Germany. We’ve decided to help them out and bring them the Tokio Hotel they’re missing.

And thus – it’s time to SHAKE UP SEATTLE!!! On August 10, our fledgling group of fans will hit the streets of Seattle to spread the merch love and lobby Seattle’s radio stations to play “Darkside of the Sun.” 12 noon sharp, meet-up at 1100 Olive Way, your very own Emerald City. We’ll be at the building for radio stations 107.7 The End, 103.7 The Mountain, and 99.9 Rock.

We’ll be blasting music, wearing gear, and giving away stuff like this:

The Objective: Get some coverage from 1 or more radio stations, hook the DJs up with copies of Humanoid, and chill with other Pacific Northwest fans! Let’s make some noise! Check back in for updates and video coverage from the event!

V / DJ Nena


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