Lovely acoustic performance from Gisbert zu Knyphausen

I completely adore this song, and the production on this vid is so beautiful; love the black and white and the simple acoustic. I’ll be seeing him live in Berlin this December with Kettcar, which should be awesome.

Gisbert zu Knyphausen, “Dreh dich nicht um.”


Deep in the rings of our eyes
stands everything that we have to know, my heart
when we can no longer bear each other, why
don’t we simply let it be, to me you
don’t have to explain anything more,
and above all yourself no longer
persuade, that you still really need me in your life
take your shoes with when you go, and your doubts also

Do you remember the day on which we
lay drunk in your garden and the
children of your sister all around us,
they danced the dance of the pirates, that was the
last time, that I saw you laugh so full of love
there were many tears afterwards
wear this laughter with you, when you go
for I like it very much

The rain comes and
the rain goes, one goes a
bit too far and
the rest alone and what then
remains is the memory of a time, that
was so much more beautiful than now
hey please don’t take them from us crooked
take the memories with you when you go
take the memories with you when you go
take the memories with you when you go
and don’t turn around


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