Tokyo nostalgia!

New photo from the December 15 Tokio Hotel showcase, courtesy of Universal Japan. I’m the US flag on the right! Almost two months to the day! Such beautiful memories. <33

Tokio Hotel – Tokyo Showcase

December 15, 2010. Oh god. It might seem like I start a lot of band encounter reviews with “oh god,” but that’s because these things are the closest to religious catharsis that I ever manage to come. I am so messed up right now. The showcase, well, I will struggle to describe it in the … Continue reading

Tokio Hotel in Tokyo – Embassy

December 13, 2010. Oh god. I really need to say this – always take chances. It has never let me down. I didn’t really believe the lookalike contest would get me into the showcase, and I didn’t really believe going to stand in front of an embassy in the rain would accomplish anything either. But … Continue reading