February Tokio Hotel Giveaway

It’s February, the month of love! TH fans, leave a comment explaining why you love Tokio Hotel. 10 copies of Bill’s Saturn catalog up for grabs! Contest open worldwide, ends February 14. Please use a valid email address – winners will be contacted via email, and will have 3 days to respond with a shipping address. Cheers!

Update – winners drawn! There were so many beautiful statements of love. I wish I had more catalogs! Sending out my last two however, so we have twelve winners instead of ten. Congrats to ladylovelace, Sam Nolte, eightiesgirl, Jamille, fluffisgoodyay, Sturmischen, THLiebhaberin, CatherineAnn, Dacia, DanielleWrae, Liabird, and shannonlovesth! Check your emails. 🙂

20 Responses to “February Tokio Hotel Giveaway”
    LUV 'EM – LUV 'EM – LUV 'EM!!!! <3

  2. ladylovelace says:

    Why do I love Tokio Hotel…
    I connect with their music more than any other artist or band. The guys are genuine, honest, and charming, not to mention handsome. They and their music inspire me to fight for my rights, to be the best I can be, and to meet new people. They might not seem like role models, but they are worth looking up to. <3

    (Please use stormfur_KJ@yahoo.com for my email)

  3. Sam Nolte says:

    This question seems more impossible to explain every time I am asked it.

    I'd say the main reason I love Tokio Hotel is because they live and breathe the idea of being who you truly are. It's reflected in their music, their style, their words, their actions–if it weren't for them, I would never have had the courage, nor the strength to make youtube videos or even sing in general. I wouldn't have had the courage to be who I am, but watching them grow together and travel this wonderful journey life has lead them to has easily been the most inspirational thing I have ever witnessed. I could never thank them enough for it.

    -Sam Nolte
    E-mail: samnolte@gmail.com

  4. This is such an impossible question to answer. Tokio Hotel simply mean the world to me. They inspire me, make me happy, give me hope. Their music is my inspiration and the guys are so talented that I can't help but admire them. I've been a fan for nearly 3 years now and watching them grow and change has been truly amazing. Their story is so awe-inspiring. It makes me feel like anything is possible, that my dreams can come true too. <3

    E-mail: eightiesgirl88@yahoo.com

  5. Schwarz says:

    Because I've never really liked a band at all, bands were just bands. Loving Tokio Hotel makes me proud! I feel like I had an ordinary boring life before July 20, 2007 (the day I saw Bill on a magazine) and now! When I finally met Tokio Hotel in person, I couldn't believe that was real! They're real, they're nice, smiley, everything I had expected them to be. People say what I talk about / listen to is Tokio Hotel, I tell them because I live them because they're not every band, they're Tokio Hotel. I support everything they, I save every Tokio Hotel picture I find, I watch every video, I buy all CDs, DVDs.

    Because I live the Tokio Hotel life.

    Email: iisayalex@gmail.com

  6. Schwarz says:

    sorry, I was on my iPod 😦

    where it says

    ” People say what I talk about / listen to is Tokio Hotel, I tell them because I live them because they're not every band”

    It is:

    “People say all I talk about is”
    “I love them because they're not like every band”

  7. In less than a week after I heard my first Tokio Hotel song, I had bought Scream. Within in two weeks, Humanoid had been added to that. A month later, I had the German albums too. The songs had a way that when I listened to them, they seemed to trap me somewhere amongst the meaning and strength within them. Their songs have inspired my art and have never failed to make me feel better. Looking at the band, it's so inspiring to see four guys playing their hearts out and living their dream. It's amazing, and now my dream is to see them live, doing what they love.

  8. Sturmischen says:

    (Sturmischen on THA here.)

    To put into words why exactly I love Tokio Hotel is quite a feat. There's many reasons why I love them from their great personalities to their wonderful music. And to say one reason is the most important reason I love them is an impossibility. However, the reason I initially fell in love with them was because of their wonderful, moving lyrics. There was just an indescribable feeling I got and I had to own their album (at the time, the only one readily available was Scream). Their lyrics are meaningful even if not blatantly so. Add to that their personalities, the fact that they are not…fake…that they are true to who they are only held my attention more. It is that fact, the fact that many of today's artists are so fake, that I like so few artists. This…this hasn't even begun to explain my love of them, but…you said to keep this short. 🙂

  9. Karmilda says:

    I have never connected with one artist to the extent that I connect with Tokio Hotel. I honestly stopped listening to the radio at the end of 2009 and I never thought I would discover new music that wasn't on Glee. But through random internet browsing that lead from one thing to another I found Tokio Hotel. I can honestly say that I don't regret the amount of time, energy and money I put into being a Tokio Hotel fan. Owning the catalog would be a nice addition to my current collection, but even if I don't get it I'm still happy to spread my love of them.

  10. SummerTHLover says:

    I love TH because of the confidence they have given me, because when everything else in the world seemed so bad, Tokio Hotel was always there and always so good! They make my life so much better! from the friends that they have made me make, and the memories that I will always share! I love TH soooo much! i could go on forever but I wont 😀 !

  11. THLiebhaberin says:

    I really love Tokio Hotel because they're very versatile. They're music can be appealing to almost everyone. They combine many genres of music (Like Rock, Pop, Alternative, Emo, Electronic…etc.)and make it sound amazing! It's not just the music that's good, but their lyrics too. There is always meaning that anyone can easily relate to. When one looks into Tokio Hotel, there is always going to be at least ONE song they like. Another reason why I love them so much is because they are very confident in who they are. They don't let media, or any other influences change them. They think, talk, dress, and act like themselves…and I like that they are completely comfortable with themselves. Tokio Hotel has taught me to be very self-confident, and comfortable in expressing myself. ♥

  12. wattsashley says:

    What I love about TH is their variety. None of them have the same style or personality and I love that feature. They are the perfect mix for themselves.

  13. CatherineAnn says:

    They always stand for what they believe in. They are so amazing and they make me smile. Also because they helped me learn a lot of German!

  14. Dacia says:

    I love Tokio Hotel because of everything they do for all the fans around the world. They bring laughter on the saddest of days, and hope on the worst. Even though they say they are not role models, they make the best ones I have ever seen. They inspire us to be ourselves, to break out of our sheltered molds, and venture into things unknown that may scare us. They have slowly helped me come out of my hermit attitude and make new, wonderful friends. They have helped me to stare in the face of fear and go to places Ive never been and try new things I use to not dare try.

    Email: daciar@peoplepc.com

  15. DanielleWrae says:

    First and foremost, I love them because of their music. No matter what mood I’m in they can always bring a smile to my face and uplift my attitude from bad to great.
    Secondly, they show me that I don’t have to dress and act a certain way to please other people. Life is about being who you are and expressing it.
    Also, their amazing personalities. You know what I'm talking about! 🙂 They can make me laugh like no other!
    Lastly, through Tokio Hotel I've met some pretty amazing people! Without them and their music, I wouldn't have connected with so many others from all over the United States/World!


  16. Lizard says:

    You want a short note?
    Bill Kaulitz Facts.
    That whole Tumblr is a collection of reasons to love TH, and Bill in particular. XD He's my fashion hero, and their music makes me happy. 🙂

  17. liabird695 says:

    How many times can I say that your favorite musician/band makes me FEEL? Lemme go into detail with that. When I'm feeling down, sad, upset, there's a list of songs from your favorite musician that will lift you up. If I'm angry at something or someone, they have the perfect songs to help you get through it. And no matter what is said about them, I can always defend them and still stand proud to be their fan after all the bullshit that has been thrown at me. Only Tokio Hotel makes me feel all of this and love isn't even a strong enough word for what I feel.

    I can listen to every single one of their songs and love it [although there are some I love more than others]. I can relate to their lyrics and connect to their words with my soul. I can pour my heart into their song as I listen to it and lose myself deep within the notes. I can listen/watch them perform live and not cringe because his voice is just as magical live as it is in the studio.

    I don’t care that the media bashes them. I don’t care that there are many people in their own home country who dislike them because they think my band is a “teenie-band”. I don’t care that there are idiots in the world who call them names and stupid crap because it’s not true. And I don’t care that there are those who are “closet fans” of them because they are afraid of people judging them for liking this band.

    * I push that aside.

    * I pretend those comments don’t exist.

    * I eliminate away that hatred.


    * I pull their music into me.

    * I believe the words they sing to me.

    * I create a world about them for me.

    It is because of them that I have self-confidence, that I still believe in love in the world, that I can still be prideful. They taught me to have a voice of my own.

    [I was kinda too lazy to post all of what I felt so I copied and paste my tumblr blog about my feelings for them and tweaked it a bit. :D]

  18. queenbee1992 says:

    I love Tokio Hotel because they are:

    T otally talented
    O ver the top
    K ings of music
    I ntriguingly inspiring
    O ut of this world

    H eartachingly hot
    O verwhelmingly awsome
    T oo great live
    E nergizing to listen to
    L ively lads

    …and so much more =]

    Email: nyc_girl1992@yahoo.com

  19. Shannon says:

    This is weird, and its really plain and simple. I love Tokio Hotel mostly because they are so much better live then they are in the studio. They still have an amazing sound to their music even with out the safety of their studio with all the snazzy effects and stuff. They go on a little stage and perform perfectly with just their instruments. Also because with every knew project they start they bring something new to their fans, not what Bill wears but how with each album you can hear how they are improving and becoming better musician through experimenting. It is pretty awesome to see Tom and Georg play the piano in the new album, after only seeing Gustav play it, and Bill attempt to.

    I know it's not the typical answer you get, and may seem stupid to some but its really why a truely love them.

    THA User-name is shannonlovesth

  20. Sandraa says:

    I love tokio hotel because they inspire me to be myself each and everyday. They inspire me that feeling or being different is ok. I'm not afraid to be myself. I can't describe my love for tokio hotel because to say the truth i couldn't put it into words, there are no words that will ever describe how much they mean to me. They bring out the fan girl in me that no other band has ever brought.

    THA User-name is Sandraa

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