Klee – “Wie weit”

What song is simultaneously stimulating, relaxing, and focusing enough to help you cram for (and totally own) an Arabic final? That’s right, this one. Prepare to have the paths of your mind wayyyy unwound.

If you’re feeling the vibe, you can buy the track at Mediamarkt!
xx DJ Nena

Update: Got to see the band perform a few songs up close and live for a TV recording session on May 25! They were doing a show for ZDF neoMusic and I answered an audience casting call. Weird experience! TV audiences are highly coached and the show itself was just goofy, but the band’s performance was amazing. Suzie has an incredibly beautiful voice.

Saw the band outside after the recording and thanked Suzie for the great performance. She was so sweet and grasped my hand before scuttling off to the band taxi. Cool experience! The show should air on June 19.


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