Dreh den Swag auf!

A phenomenon that I apparently missed – last summer, Germany and Austria were swept away by the rapping, ah, talents of a certain “Money Boy.” His revolutionary Denglish-packed DIY rap “Dreh den Swag auf” (Turn the swag up) was so amazingly terrible that over 6.6 million people felt the need to watch it.

In any case, certain glorious phrases like “schaue kurz in den Spiegel, sag whaddup” (glance in the mirror, say what up) have passed into mainstream German pop culture, and probably every inhabitant of Germany under the age of 30 now knows the English word “swag.”

What interests me more, is this far superior indie version of the song. Much like Hayley Williams of Paramore, Ethan Luck of Resilient K, and Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory went and made a semi-legit and fairly decent pop-punk song out of Autotune the News and Antoine Dodson’s infamous “Bed Intruder,” German indie rockers Untertagen went and made a totally sick music video for their reimagined rock version of “Dreh den Swag auf.” Like Ke$ha meets hipsters meets Deutschland. Love it.

Update: as of April 26, we saw these guys in concert! Awesome show at the Waschhaus in Potsdam, bought their CD afterwards, took a photo with them and snagged the setlist.


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