Shirt von Audiolith

Given my head-over-heels obsession with Bilder mit Katze, it was clear that I was going to need to buy the shirt from Audiolith. What I was not expecting, was that this shirt is actually magic. After getting turned away from Berghain twice with a friend, I went home and put the shirt on, came back alone, and got in. Past Sven no less! I went harder than ever before, obviously, and came home around 1 PM, after my body could just not channel the amazing music any longer. Collapsed and napped. Later that day I went for a Spaziergang with my roomie, still wearing the shirt, to take some photos of my favorite part of Berlin – the area around the Oberbaumbrücke. She snapped a polaroid of me on the bridge, and then we ambled along the edge of the Spree, where a guy chilling called after me, “mit den schönen großen Buchstaben!!” Needless to say, I was ecstatic.


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