Spring radio season begins

Last night’s show kicked off the spring radio season—it’s great to be back in the studio! Here’s the playlist:

“Helden,” the German version of David Bowie “Heroes,” is a real trip to hear. Of course, Bowie spent time in the 70s living in Berlin, in an apartment in Schöneberg with Iggy Pop! What a wild little WG that would have been. I love his trilogy of Berlin albums, particularly Heroes and Low. As someone who has lived in Neukölln, I can say that his song “Neukoln” really evokes the multicultural influence and constant barrage of sirens heard in that district. “Warszawa” and “Subterraneans,” off of Low, are also real gems of experimental music and unite Berlin’s electronic sound with some really avant-garde vocals, which sound almost like monastic chanting on “Warszawa.”

Check these rad archive photos of Bowie in the Berlin Hansa studios with legendary producer Brian Eno.

Also went time traveling in the Gisbert zu Knyphausen back catalogue for this week’s show—this track, “Verschwende deine Zeit,” is off of his 2008 self-titled album, which is currently available for $5.99 on US iTunes! 13 tracks and a live music video, a real Schnäppchen.

In other news, I’m totally stoked for Silbermond’s upcoming album, Himmel auf. It releases on March 23 and will undoubtedly be amazing!

Make sure to tweet music requests to me @Vnlasteamer or with the hashtag #midnightmonsoon !!


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